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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Celebrations in London

It's been a few months since we have taken a trip into London to meet up with our boys and daughter in law. Yesterday was our DIL's graduation although she finished her nursing degree back in February and has been working since then. 

So we went in yesterday to meet up with them after the ceremony and go for lunch together. 
Our eldest son was busy in the afternoon so we met him in the morning, he took us to The Barbican area. The Barbican is Europes largest multi-arts and conference venue and the whole area is built using amazingly iconic architectural design. Our son knows all the good exhibitions to visit and took us into the one showing in the centre which is 'ContructingWorlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age. We loved this, there were great photographers featured including Bernice Abbot who's photos of 1930's USA were amazing. (Shame I wasn't allowed to photograph her photos) 

The top three photos are of The Barbican




Ben and I
Alice and Dominic

Alice and her lovely parents

We not only celebrated Alice's graduation but also their forthcoming baby :)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Addition to the family

It's been a while since I last posted on here, I just haven't found the time. No I'm not having a baby :):):)
But our youngest son and his wife are! 

We are so excited about this news, this will be their first baby and is due at the beginning of May. This sweet couple live in London and so are much closer geographically than any of our other grandchildren. Our oldest son also lives in London so nice and close to him too. 

I have just begun knitting a little jacket in lovely recycled sage coloured cotton yarn. I do love making baby clothes and can't wait to get started on the quilt :)

Just off now to catch up on all your lovely blogs!



Monday, 22 September 2014

My lovely friend turns 50 today so I made her this crochet scarf. The little wooden hoop and peg holds the ends together well. I will definitely  buy some to keep for when I make another scarf. She is a special friend and I hope she enjoys wearing this snuggly scarf 

For those of you who pray, I would like to ask you to pray for my daughter and her family who are missionaries. As I posted back in the summer, they are caring for a baby who's mother didn't want him, they already have two boys they adopted as babies and this mother wanted them to adopt the baby too but this hasn't been easy to sort out as she disappears for weeks on end or when she is around she is in no state to discuss the matter with. Now it seems she wants the baby back, it has been said that there is a gang who buys and sells babies and this may be the reason. Of course this is devastating for our daughter and her family who are trying hard to get some legal case together so that they can adopt the baby.

Please pray for God to intervene in this situation and also for the babies birth mother to know and experience Gods love for her. Thank you


Friday, 19 September 2014


Our twin granddaughters have their 7th birthday coming up in November, each year I am busy knitting or sewing right up to the last minute so this year I thought I would be prepared. 

I bought a lovely Sirdar knitting pattern book called Squiggly Knits using Squiggle super chunky yarn which is half acrylic, half wool and beautifully soft.

I began the first waistcoat last Friday and today I have completed the two tea bag hats! 

So I needn't have rushed to get started but am grateful I have completed the task before we have even entered October. The patterns for the waistcoats and hats were so quick to knit up they were a pleasure to make. (I hope they like them)






Tuesday, 9 September 2014

summers end

So the Summer is drawing to a close, even though the sun is still shining here in the UK, the holidays are over and the children have returned to school. Spring and Summer are my favourite times of the year and so I am always a little sad when Autumn arrives but we have had a great summer and last week we went across to our cottage in Wales for a few days, we managed to fit in a few small jobs but as our daughter, son in law and their children we staying in a fancy campsite over on the coast we drove across one day to visit them. 

They have stayed on the Fforest sites a few times, each visit they have hired a different type of accomodation, in the past they have used the domes, the barn, the cabins but this time they hired a camping shack. We were very impressed with the set up, they have a wooden shack built on a deck with a bell tent each end opening into the shack. There is no running water but their shack did have electricity nd they have a stove for cooking which is fuelled with logs. They have camp beds in the tents, bean bags to sit on with animal skins on the floor and beautiful Welsh blankets on the beds. The shacks house the kitchen and a lovely oak table with chairs and a church pew for seating. The kitchen is equipped with lovely enamel ware for cooking, eating and drinking. 

The views from their pitch was amazing and the children have lots of freedom


Top left is my husband and son in law having a chat, the camping shack and the bottom two pictures are of communal parts of the site where guests can gather for breakfast, camp fires etc

Their camping shack

Molly is always a huge hit with he children, they love her and she loves them, she comes home exhausted :)

The pull along trolleys are provided for the guests to bring luggage up from their cars...they are also pretty handy for transporting little people too! Gilby was keen to show Grandpa the candles he had bought and a water fight soon got underway

I've taken the next two photos from my daughter IG account...

Apparently one of the highlights for Primrose was that she bought a mermaids take from a car boot sale... I can imagine that would have been a tough one to walk past :)


We came off our route on our drive back to the cottage and the sat nav took us on an amazing drive.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Family visit

I've just returned from eight nights in Devon with my daughter and grandchildren. My son in law was moving his work premises over that period so I went down to help her out while he was working late and then to go camping with her and the children over the bank holiday weekend.
We had pretty good weather until the last two days so we managed to pack in lots to do!

Gilby enjoying hot chocolate and marshmallows after a particularly chilly out door swim

We went to the beach twice


Gilby drew the whole family flying in his paper 'plane

They have a bell tent so I needed to have a scheduled meeting with my son in law before the camping trip to be told how to pitch it :)

It took me less than 30 mins start to finish with just a little help putting the centre pole in place. These tents are great!

We chose the site because it has a heated outdoor pool but we managed to pitch near the corn fields and away from the busy part. The children are great campers, staying up late each night to toast marshmallows on the camp fire and sleeping in late the following mornings. My brother, sister in law and some of their family joined us the second day and it was great to be together which doesn't happen often enough.

Polzeath Beach is on the north coast of Cornwall and where lots of surfing takes place.


The children were happy to get back to see how Snoopy had fared without them....not sure how Snoopy felt about their return ;)

Both our daughters celebrated their wedding anniversaries last week, I was able to baby sit for hose in Devon while they went out for dinner together, my daughter in SA and her husband took their boys out for dinner with them :)

Jesse looking very smart for his meal out

Joe showing me something but I'm not sure what :)

I'm not back home, it's always good to get back and we have lots on but I do miss my lovely family and am happy we had such a great time.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

new recipe book

I found this recipe book recommended on Instagram, I rarely buy myself recipe books as I have some beautiful books that my children have bought me over the years. But this one uses mainly unrefined ingredients like spelt flour and honey or maple syrup in place of sugar etc. which appealed to my taste

It's called Love Bake Nourish by Amber Rose

I began with making the Honey & Lavender tea cake which is delicious and then Apple & Honey muffins which are equally as good.
I will include the muffin recipe below but if you love to bake and would like healthy alternatives to the usually extra sweet cakes, muffins, cookies etc, I would recommend buying this great book. 
The photos are wonderful too and so make the book lovely to look through.





Apple & Honey Muffins
125g unsalted butter, softened
150g whole grain spelt flour, sifted
2 large free range eggs
1 heaped teaspoon of baking powder
185g honey
60g ground almonds
50ml while milk
Finely grated zest of 1 unwaxed lemon and 1/2 unwaxed orange
Unrefined icing sugar for dusting if required

For the apples 
2 eating apples (I found one was enough for 12 muffins) cored and thinly sliced
20g unsalted butter, melted
1.5 teaspoons of rapadura or unrefined castor sugar

Preheat oven to 180 degrees
Place apple slices in a bowl, pour over melted butter and sprinkle with the sugar. Coat the apples well and lay slices in the bottom of muffin cases

Cream butter for about 4 mins add a spoonful of flour and beat briefly, add eggs one at a time and add more flour if mixture is curdling

Gently fold in the rest of the flour, the baking powder, honey, ground almonds, milk and zest 
Spoon mixture into muffin cases (I like to use a nice cream spring release scoop to do this) and bake for 25-30 mins